15.-16. October 2007
Instituto de Ciencias Basicas y Preclinicas Victoria de Giron , La Habana ,Cuba
( Preconference of the annual meeting on Basic Sciences " Giron 2007")

To bring together Clinical Chemists and Neurologists working with CSF routine analysis for diagnosis of Neurological diseases.
  • Improving local laboratory performance
  • Exchanging new concepts of CSF diagnosis
  • Formation of a communication network for CSF laboratories

Organizer Commitee

Dr.C. Alberto J. Dorta Contreras
Prof. Hansotto Reiber.University Goettingen. Alemania

CSF Research Group of the World Federation of Neurology
International Brain Research Organization
Personal Invitation of known CSF laboratories in Venezuela , Uruguay , Brazil , Argentina , etc.
Panamerican Health Organisation
Instituto Pedro Kouri, La Habana
CIREN, La Habana

Program/ Main Topics:
•  Reports about the practice of CSF analysis in different contributing countries
•  Basic routine parameters and interpretations in the clinical chemistry laboratory
•  Knowledge based laboratory software for reporting and interpretation of CSF data
•  Relevance of CSF analysis for differential diagnosis of Neurological diseases with a particular emphasis on tropical Neurology
•  Foundation of a network of Latin American and Caribbean CSF reference laboratories. Introduction and exercises in PC network communication.
•  Laboratory course for practice in analysis of basic methods


The Event will grant the academic credits that correspond to an international event.


The authors will present in electronic version, attached to their e-mail, if they send it by electronic mail, a structured summary, where they should include:

The Introduction, Material and Methods, Result-discussion as well as the Summations and Bibliography (main references). If it is a revision article, Conferences and Round Tables or of theoretical elaboration, it will be structured in: Introduction, Development, Summations and Bibliography. Maximum extension: between 1 ½ and 2 sheets in Word, letter: Arial 11. It is important to include: the authors' complete names, profession and educational and/or investigative category or if it is Resident: Department and Institution to which he or she belongs, and the e-mail. A Version will be added in English

Oral presentations :
During the event sessions living rooms will be prepared. Participants may present Round Table Panels, as well as lectures on the thematic of the event

Posters. Size: 80 x 120 cm.

Means: Projector of Slides, Overhead projector, Videotape-Bim (Dates Show) and PC connected in net for the topics of Sciences of the Information

The limiting day for the reception of summaries: July 20, 2007

Registration: personal

It includes: Accreditation, Program, Book of Summaries, Lunches and Social Activities. Kiosks will be enabled for snack purchase

Delivery of Summaries: Personal or by means of electronic mail to:

To Girón 2007: Sub-dirección de Investigaciones, ICBP "Victoria de Girón"
Dr. Alina Alerm González. alina.alerm @
Telephone: 272 0635, 2084877 Ext. 268

to Latin American and Caribbean conference on cerebrospinal fluid analysis Dr. Alberto Dorta Contreras